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Disclaimer: I am not, and do not claim to be, any kind of an expert on clunies. However, I do use a couple of little tricks involving a coilless saftey pin that make the start and the end of the process a little easier. Having failed miserably at explaining these to a friend via e-mail, I have put together a little series of photos.

I first hang the marker on the loop below the pinch as I am forming the loom on my fingers.Loom setup

Since I was holding the camera, it was not possible to illustrate how I pull down on the stitch marker to adjust the warps within the pinch, so that they lie flat and as close to the left warp as I can get them; all of this is now firmly in the pinch and ready for weaving.

the start

In this next photo, the first few weft passes have been woven and worked down against the start by packing the weft down with the tip of the pic

bubbling the weft

In the course of the weaving, one way to keep the sides of the tally from drawing in too much is to ‘bubble’ the thread across the warps and pack it down with the pic, before drawing it all the way through.

Now, the weaving is complete and the warp has been removed from the hand. What you have should look something like the photo below.

weaving is completeend first pull

Transfer the marker to the back loop and use it to control that loop as you slowly draw it closed.

first pull

This photo actually comes before the one directly above it, but I had the devil of a time getting it to sit still and not push and shove the other pics. It shows how I use the marker to control the thread while I am closing the loop.

When the loop is mostly closed, remove the marker and finish drawing it closed. Then hang the marker on the front loop and close it. Here is the final pull away from you:

closing pull

Unhook the stitch marker, and you should have something that looks like this:


I hope that this little photo essay was of some help to those of you who find the tallies a pain to weave.

It seems that I have had some difficulty getting the photos and text exactly where I wanted them. Can someone point me toward a tutorial on that? 🙂

In the next post, we will see where the TIAS is going…


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