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Rather a lot.  Or so it seems.  When first  I registered for a WordPress blog, I had no idea whether I would be writing about knitting, tatting or, the more interesting part of my life: my adventures in farming.  All I knew was that I wanted a WordPress blog.  For what seemed like hours, I flailed about trying different usernames.  My two other screen names were already taken: Lace Lunatic and Magpie, and most everything else I tried was too.  Tired and frustrated, I typed in mordueparladentelle.  It was accepted!  Good enough.

Alas, it was not good enough.  For one, I am perfectly aware that the expression is incorrect.  It is a literal translation into French of  ‘bitten by  lace ‘ and, at the time, seemed vaguely amusing to me.  I had visions of a piece of fine lace with its teeth sunk firmly into my derrière.    The correct expression is:  ‘mordu(e) de dentelle’.  Anyway, what possible difference could it make on a blog written in English? Some time elapsed, I made a couple of posts; then I let several months slip by with no activity whatsoever.

The move from eTatters to InTatters, which did not sit well with me,  prompted me to resume blogging.  In the interim, I had begun communicating with Elisadusud and a couple of other French lace bloggers.  Now, I am suddenly embarrassed by the idiomatically incorrect username and it irritates me every time I pull the blog up.  So, since we are only 8 posts into the blogging journey, let’s have a fresh start here.

This blog will remain in place.  The only post on it that I think anyone might want to refer back to is the one on clunies, and I will put a link back to it from the new site.

A few of you have already had the kindness to add a link to this blog in your sidebar.  I would appreciate it if you would please take the time to update it with the new address and  I apologize for the inconvenience.  In all honesty, I did not expect you to find this blog so quickly because I have not linked it to my signature anywhere in the cybersphere.  I thought I would have at least a month of broadcasting in the blind to fine tune the blogging process and set the site up as I want it.  Apparently not. You can’t sneak much past a tatter!

Thank you all for your warm welcome and kind comments.  See you on the new site.


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